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Secrets to Dog Training: STOP Dog Behavior Problems
Secrets To Dog Training - Step 1 Of 3

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Remember, your amazing value Secrets to Dog Training Package also includes ALL THIS:

Here's your opportunity to get Secrets to Dog Training, the immensely popular dog obedience guide, which includes:

As Well As:

  • Secrets to Dog Training - STOP Dog Behavior Problems – this e-book is packed with everything you'll need to know about dog obedience training ($59.95 value)
  • 30-minute Secrets to Dog Training Downloadable VIDEO – see professional trainer Dave Johnson’s top tips come alive on screen in real-life examples of how to make it happen with your dog.

You also get:

A Quick Guide to Dog Aggression - with all the tricks and tips to successfully resolve dog aggression problems ($19.95 value)




Secrets to Becoming the Alpha Dog - with all the tips and techniques to put you in the top dog position! ($19.95 value)




Grooming Made Easy - your indispensable guide to caring for your dog on the outside ($19.95 value)




Tips on Security Training Your Dog - a handy resource when you'd like that added peace of mind ($19.95 value)




All the House Training Methods and Tricks - to make the house training process an absolute breeze ($19.95 value)




  • Secrets to Dog Training Audio On-the-Go - Secrets to Dog Training in MP3 format so you can listen anywhere.
  • FREE 24-hour access to the Secrets to Dog Training Members’ Only FORUM – so if you have a dog behavior question or related problem you can ask our team and all our members to personally help you out.
  • FREE Life Time Updates to New Editions of Secrets to Dog Training

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180 Gourmet Recipes for your Dog An incredible menu bonus that will teach your dog the real meaning of ‘variety’ when mealtime comes around ($19.95 value)



If within 60 days, you’ve not experienced an extraordinary improvement in your dog's behavior and training following the techniques in Secrets to Dog Training, or if you’re dissatisfied with Secrets to Dog Training in any way, you can request a full refund that will be honored no questions asked.


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Get over 5 hours of online video training with professional dog trainers Brian Heward and Susan Morton as they cover everything from Aggression, to Alpha Dog training, to Problem Barking, to Socialization.

Plus, the videos include In Field training sessions. So you get real scenarios, involving difficult and unpredictable pets.

These videos are designed so that they’ll play on ANY computer!


Here’s what you get…

Online Video 1) How to Stop Dog Aggression [Part I]

Put an end to your dog's aggression towards strangers or family members, address fear aggression, and territorial aggression. Ensure that your dog never becomes a threat by following these simple steps.


Online Video 2) How to Stop Dog Aggression [Part II]

Does your dog play too aggressively? Is he possessive of toys, food, or people? Does he fight with other dogs? These online videos will take the aggression out of the equation.


Online Video 3) How to Stop Your Dog from Barking

How to control your dog's barking. We teach you what different types of bark mean, and show you how to communicate to your dog so that he knows when and where it is appropriate to bark.


Online Video 4) How to Stop Your Dog's Biting & Chewing Problems

How to stop your dog from biting, nipping, and chewing. Our professional dog trainer shows you amazingly simple but hugely effective techniques that will get these behaviors under control.


Online Video 5) Alpha Dog Training

Alpha Dog Training. Find out how pack instincts are shaping your dog's actions, and how you can use them toward your advantage.


Online Video 6) In Field Training: Real Life Case Studies of Dog Training in Action

See first-hand how trainers Brian and Susan resolve a variety of dog behavior issues from separation anxiety to pulling on the lead and more.

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